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*The Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute
(CILLDI)* at the University of Alberta invites you to our 14th Annual
Summer School, July 8-26 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  This summer we are
offering a total of 20 University-accredited courses in the areas of
language documentation, education and revitalization.  Credit is available
at both the graduate and undergraduate level, and bursaries/scholarships
are available *for both Canadian and International students*.

For the first time this year, we are offering a full three weeks of
intensive *Cree and Michif* language courses.  In addition, we are proud to
offer two brand new courses this summer:

*LING 311 Online Tools for language Revitalization*
*This course provides an introduction to the use of new technologies to aid
in language revitalization in both home communities and urban settings.
Topics will include computer-based learning tools, online language courses,
and the innovative use of social media sites.  Students will examine how
these new technologies are being used in indigenous language communities
around the world, and will design a language technology plan appropriate
for their own community.*

*ANTH 485 Landscape, Meaning and Culture: The Social Meaning of Place*
*This course explores how and why particular places are invested with
social meaning by different cultural and linguistic groups.  Students will
analyze place-naming practices in their own and other Indigenous languages,
and examine the ways in which people talk about place in both  conversation
and narrative.  Students will also investigate various perspectives on
map-making, and the ways in which Indigenous cultural and worldview can be
incorporated into community mapping projects.*

The full listing of our Summer School courses is shown below.  Courses
marked (CLC) are part of our Provincially-recognized Community Linguist
Certificate program, now in its seventh year.

*Block 1 Courses: July 8-17*

LING 111 *Introduction to Linguistic Analysis for Indigenous Language
Revitalization (CLC)*
LING 212 *Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (CLC)*
LING 311 *Online Tools for Language Revitalization*
INTD 318 *Techniques for Endangered Language Documentation (CLC)*
EDEL 306 *Introduction to Language and Literacy Development*
EDEL 463/595 *Assessment in Indigenous Language Classrooms*
EDEL 496/595 *Using Literacy and Drama in Indigenous Languages Education*
NS 103 *Cree Immersion for Adult Beginners*
NS 103 *Michif** Immersion for Adult Beginners*

*Block 2 Courses: July 18-26*

ANTH 485 *Landscape, Meaning and Culture: The Social Meaning of Place*
LING 211 *Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (CLC)*
LING 213 *Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (CLC)*
LING 311 *Community Language Archiving*
INTD 311 *Language Policy and Planning for Indigenous Language Communities
EDEL 461/595 *Second Language Acquisition: Teaching Indigenous Languages in
an Immersion Context*
EDEL 462/595 *Developing Classroom Materials and Curriculum for Indigenous
EDEL 496/595 *Teaching Indigenous Languages Through Cultural Arts*
NS 104 *The Structure of Cree Through Immersion*
NS 104 *The Structure of Michif Through Immersion**
*Special Session: June 4-21*
EDEL 496/595 *Indigenous Language and Cultural Renewal, The Maori Model**

Full information on courses, bursaries and more is available on our website:
Questions?  Drop us a line at: *cilldi at *or Call:* (780) 248-1179

We look forward to having you with us in Edmonton this summer!

*Protect, Preserve, Promote, Practice and Pass On Your Language!*

~~ The CILLDI Team

*Dr. Jordan Lachler *
*Director, CILLDI ~ Lecturer, Department of Linguistics*
*3-02D Assiniboia Hall ~ University of Alberta ~ Edmonton, AB  T6G 2E7
*tel: 780 248-1179 ~ fax: 780 492-0806*
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