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Tamar Katriel tamark at edu.haifa.ac.il
Fri Jan 30 15:52:11 UTC 2015

Thanks, David,for amplifying my sense of freedom as well as connection by
posting this to the list.
I note that in translating his speech for posting on Facebook, Yariv
omitted what I found to be a particularly intriguing part in which he
specified three concepts he took from the class in Lang & Culture I taught
over 20 years ago. How many times have you asked yourselves what of all
that you have taught will actually stick? It's a question we hardly have
occasions to get answers for. I guess faculty retirement events can be seen
as meta-communication rituals in which talk about talk plays a distinctive
role  (and could be fruitfully explored). So here's what Yariv (who's a
quantitative political comm scholar) said - the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, the
notion of 'rhetoric of objectivity', the third I'm not sure about, perhaps
sg to do with lang and gender, and my forgetfulness indicates I'm doing
well to wrap up my teaching career.
Cheers to you all,

On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 7:54 PM, David Boromisza-Habashi <dbh at colorado.edu>

>   Hi All,
> Tamar has recently taught her last university class. Her colleagues
> celebrated her accomplishments with, as she put it, "sweet cake and sweet
> words." The link below will take you to a series of photos from the
> celebration. Below the link you can find the English-language translation
> of department chair Yariv Tsfati's account of his and Tamar's colleagues'
> visit to her final class. Cheers, David
> http://hevra.haifa.ac.il/comm/index.php/en/2013-09-14-05-15-37/news/885-2015-01-27-12-45-17
>  "Just to share with you the best moment of my day. Our faculty and dean
> showed up today at Prof. Tamar Katriel’s final class before retiring in
> October. It was a great opportunity for me to thank Tamar, first, as a
> former student. The “language, culture and communication” class I took with
> her twenty years ago has had a lasting impact on me, not only as a comm
> scholar, but also as human being. Each of the hundreds of students she
> taught (well, at least those who listened..) carries this important baggage
> with them.
> Second, I thanked Tamar for mentoring some of our best grad students. Many
> of Tamar’s grad students continued in academic life, and today, these alums
> do the best imaginable service for our department’s reputation over the
> world.
> Third, I told students that Tamar’s enormous wisdom had served the
> department in various roles, capacities and committees she had served on
> over the years, and this has had helped incredibly in making our department
> the great place that it is.
> Finally, this was a very moving moment for me personally, because, as I
> said at the event, over the past 15 years since I’ve joined the department
> I’ve only seen people come in. No one retired. It is extremely inspiring to
> see someone not only surviving the University of Haifa, but also leaving it
> with a sense of accomplishment, pride on generations of students and years
> of ground breaking research, and heading forward to many years of creation
> and fresh and innovative ideas."
>  --
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