[Ethnocomm] Hymes follow-up

David Boromisza-Habashi dbh at Colorado.EDU
Wed Aug 28 19:50:38 EDT 2019

Dear All,

I hope your semesters are off to a good start!

About two weeks ago, I sent an email to this list inviting folks to participate in an online conversation about our moral and practical responsibilities as scholars in the wake of Penn GSE graduate students' revelations about Dell Hymes's actions during his time as Dean in the 1970s and 80s.

I have received two private messages from list members in response to this email. Both members indicated that they thought having this conversation was important, but that they were not prepared to go public with their opinions.

In the light of their responses - and everyone else's silence - I am leaning toward the conclusion that our community does not regard ETHNOCOMM as the proper "Setting" or "Instrument" for the conversation I tried to initiate... Given the online call-out culture prevalent today and the sensitive nature of the topic I think this preference is completely understandable.

I do hope that offline conversations about our responsibilities will continue.

Cheers, David

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