[etnolinguistica] New Group Member

Dan Mencher daniel.mencher at TUFTS.EDU
Thu Sep 16 04:55:42 UTC 2004

Dear All:

Hello!! I'm sorry that this is in English, but I know barely enough Portuguese
to get by in reading the group site, and to compose a letter of my own in
Portuguese is just not possible right now.

Anyhow, my name is Dan, and I just joined the group. I am very excited to be a
part of it. I attend college at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. As
an aspiring linguist and a lover of languages, I enjoy all intelligent
conversation about any language, and since there are very few resources about
South American native languages here in the US, this should be very interesting
to me. I'll add to the discussions whenever possible, but this is mostly for me
to learn.

Thank you all!!


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