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Applications are invited for a three-year Postdoctoral Research
Fellowship in the Research Centre for Linguistic Typology.  This is to
commence on 1st March 2005, or soon thereafter.


Applicants should have been awarded their doctorates within the last
five years.  They should have experience of linguistic fieldwork and
will, ideally, have already completed a grammatical description of some
previously undescribed language (not their native language) in terms of
basic linguistic theory.  The University may consider cases in which the
period is in excess of five years due to special circumstances.
Applications will be considered from candidates whose thesis is
currently under examination.  Applicants must hold a doctoral degree or
have equivalent qualifications at the date of appointment.  La Trobe
graduates should normally have a minimum of two years postdoctoral
research experience at another institution.  A Fellowship will not
normally be awarded to an applicant who holds a permanent appointment
within the University.

The successful applicant will work as part of a team with Professor
R.M.W. Dixon, Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, and other members of
the Research Centre, on a topic relating to languages preferably from
either South America or the New Guinea region (primarily relating to
Papuan languages). They will undertake extensive fieldwork and will
either (i) produce a comprehensive description of some previously
undescribed language; or (ii) pursue an in-depth study of a language
contact situation. Option (ii) will be suitable for someone who already
has good knowledge of one or more of the languages involved in a
suitable contact situation.  The choice of project will be made after
discussion between the successful applicant and Professors Dixon and


The Fellowship will be a three-year appointment and is intended to
advance the research activities of the University by bringing to or
retaining in Australia a promising scholar.


Enquiries should be directed initially to the Director of RCLT,
Professor R.M.W. Dixon (email linguistic.typology at latrobe.edu.au, phone
+61 3 9479 6401). 


Further information and the application form may be obtained from the
RCLT World Wide Web Address http://www.latrobe.edu.au/rclt.


The original application and five copies must be received by the
Secretary of the RCLT Research Committee, no later than 5th November
2004.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Salary Range:                 A$48,400 pa. - A$51,954 pa.        Closing
Date:     5th November 2004

La Trobe University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides a
smoke-free work environment.




Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, FAHA

Associate Director

Research Centre for Linguistic Typology

Institute for Advanced Study

La Trobe University

Victoria 3086



ph: +61-3-9479 6402 University

      +61-3-9467 3079 University

      +61-3-9455 0020  Home


Fax: +61-3-9467 3053


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