language use on the list

Eve Ng eveng at ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU
Sun Nov 7 00:02:43 UTC 1999

Thanks for raising this issue, Megan.  I believe that linguists as
academics have a particular obligation to try to encourage academic
discourse in languages other than English, so I would welcome a stated
language policy for FLING to this effect.

I remember being horrified when I learnt that when the International
Association on *Chinese* Linguistics met in *Taiwan* a couple of years
ago, they still required all papers be delivered in English.  (On a more
positive note, the Sino-Tibetan conference held last week at
Urbana-Champaign (Illinois, USA) allowed delivery in Chinese.)


Eve Ng
Dept. of Linguistics
609 Baldy Hall, SUNY-Buffalo
Buffalo NY 14260-1030

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