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Amy L Sheldon asheldon at TC.UMN.EDU
Fri Nov 24 20:06:04 UTC 2000

Here is information requested from some on this list about the Women's
Prison Book Project in Minneapolis:
Their eddress is:  wpbp at
Phone is:  612-837-1762

They only accept paperback books.
Contact them to find out what types of books are preferred.
Contact them if you want to start something in your town or to find out if
there is a project locally already.
Volunteers do mailings to individual women who make particular sorts of
Mailings are done on Sundays from 12-3 pm at Arise Bookstore in
Prison officials haven't been entirely cooperative in accepting books.
There is a dropbox for books in front of the bookstore and books can be
mailed there.  If you are local and have a lot of books, they'll pick up.
Women's Prison Book Project

Women's Prison Book Project
Arise Bookstore
2441 Lyndale Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Along these lines, Ms Magazine takes donations so it can send free
subscriptions (to Ms) to women in prison.  Subscription nornmally costs
$45 but one can be donated for a $20 contribution.   Address:

Ms Magazine
POB 5299
Harlan, Iowa  51593

Amy Sheldon

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