Literacy issues - women in prison

Deborah Cameron d.j.cameron at STRATH.AC.UK
Fri Nov 24 20:10:12 UTC 2000

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>Hello everyone:
>Does anyone know of any academic work on reading programmes for female
>prisoners, or on issues of literacy experienced by such prisoners?
>Thank you for your help,
>Susan Bugler
In a recent collection titled Situated Literacies (ed Barton, Hamilton and
Ivanic, Routledge 2000) there is a good paper by Anita Wilson on literacy
practices among male prison inmates (juvenile offenders if I recall). I
would recommend the paper to anyone interested in prison literacies, but
also I'd imagine Anita Wilson would know a lot about what has been done
around women in prison and literacy. I do not know her personally, but she
is part of a group of doctoral students and researchers in this area at
Lancaster University, UK, and a trip to their website might turn up her
address. If not, queries as to her whereabouts could be addressed to David
Barton, Mary Hamilton or Roz Ivanic, all in the Linguistics and Modern
English Language dept at Lancaster.

Apologies if I should have done this in a private email to Susan but I
thought others might be interested in the book, if they haven't already
seen it. A lot of the papers in it are interesting, including a chapter by
David Barton with some good suggestions about getting students to do
fieldwork in literacy studies.

Debbie Cameron.

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