Literacy issues - women in prison

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Sat Nov 25 22:20:11 UTC 2000


Judith Tannenbaum's book _Disguised as a Poem_ (Northeasetern University
Press, 2000) describes her 4 years teaching poetry at San Quentin - a
Maximum security prison for men.  It is not academic writing, per se, nor
is it about women, but she speaks at length about organizing such programs
and many potential resources are mentioned throughout the book and in the
'notes' section at the back of the book.


At 12:00 AM 11/25/00 +1000, you wrote:
>Hello everyone:
>I'm interested in issues regarding literacy for women in prisons. I'm
>planning a proposal for a short, voluntary course looking at children's
>fantasy books for interested women who find themselves in jail.
>Does anyone know of any academic work on reading programmes for female
>prisoners, or on issues of literacy experienced by such prisoners? I'd
>envisaged offering a range of materials from picture books to more complex
>novels for young adults.
>Thank you for your help,
>Susan Bugler
>sbugler at

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