Research on Childhood Trauma and ESL Acquisiton

Andrew Smyth asmyth at MAIL.PLYMOUTH.EDU
Sun Mar 3 19:52:14 UTC 2002

Dear FLING list members:

Can anyone on the list give me some leads on research about how
childhood trauma (especially in war-torn countries) affects adolescents
and adults as they try to acquire English as a second language, as well
as strategies for helping them?

I am working with someone who teaches ESL to political refugees from
Bosnia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and some of her younger students
never quite picked up their home language, usually because they were
traumatized by war and its subsequent family disruption.  Thus, they're
having a very difficult time making the transition to English.  I'm not
sure where to look for information and research that might help her
address the problems these students are facing, so I would greatly
appreciate any help from list members.


Andrew Smyth
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