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CSLI Publications is pleased to announce the availability of:

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Robert J. Podesva, Sarah J. Roberts, and
Andrew Wong(Stanford University), eds. ;paper ISBN: 1-57586-320-0,
$27.50, cloth ISBN: 1-57586-319-7, $67.50, 305 pages. CSLI
Publications 2002. , email:
pubs at

To order this book, contact The University of Chicago Press. Call
their toll free order number 1-800-621-2736  (U.S. & Canada only)  or
order online at (use the search
feature to locate the book, then order).

Book description:

Language and Sexuality explores how linguistic practices and language
ideologies relate to sexuality and sexual identity. Drawing on work
in a variety of fields including sociolinguistics, linguistic
anthropology, and queer theory, this volume focuses on the
negotiation of meaning in both academic theory and everyday practice.
The theoretical discussion in Part I assesses the current state and
future possibilities of an emerging field known by many names, such
as queer linguistics, language and sexuality, and language and
desire, among others. These essays discuss the ongoing debates over
the scope of the field and the role of queer theory in
sociolinguistic analysis.
Part II moves from theory to practice, examining language use in a
variety of cultural settings, from the creation of a lesbian
community through personals in a French magazine to magic spells
among the Petalangan people of Indonesia to narratives of
heterosexuality among American college fraternity men.
Language and Sexuality brings together the perspectives of this
emerging field's foremost scholars with fresh research, promising an
engaging mix of new ideas on the many ways that language use may
intersect with sexuality.
Megan J. Crowhurst, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics
Chair, LSA's Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation

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