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Fri Nov 8 13:00:14 UTC 2002

Are the works you mention (apart from MacKinnon's, which I've read) books?
I'm having trouble finding them.  If you could tell me the first names of
the authors, I'd appreciate it.

I am a journalist living in Paris who has been planning an essay on the
"soft-core" pornography that is shown on French television and also on the
similarities between such programs and the portrayal of sexual acts in
mainstream movies.

Any other suggestions for background reading would be appreciated.

Lawrence Proulx
International Herald Tribune

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 To whom this may concern:

I received this address from Professor Amy Sheldon.  I am in one of her
classes, and working on my senior paper.  I am studying the language of
pornography.  I am sending this e-mail in hopes that someone may have some
information on any studies that have been done, concerning this topic, or
of any films that would contain a good narrative in which I could examine
the language and gender aspects of the work.  I have already read the
following works relating to the language of pornography:

Hall's "Lip Service on the Fantasy Lines"
Sutton's "Bitches and Skankly Hobags"
Livia's "I ought to throw a Buick at You"
MacKinnon's "Only Words"

If you have any suggestions for further readings or film choices, please
let me know.  I would appreciate your help very much!

Thank you for your time,

DeAnn Grinsteinner

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