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  You can find the Anna Livia, Kira Hall, and Laurel Sutton articles in the
book _Gender Articulated_, edited by Hall and Bucholtz, Routledge 1995.

Elizabeth Busbee
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>Are the works you mention (apart from MacKinnon's, which I've read) books?
>I'm having trouble finding them.  If you could tell me the first names of
>the authors, I'd appreciate it.
>I am a journalist living in Paris who has been planning an essay on the
>"soft-core" pornography that is shown on French television and also on the
>similarities between such programs and the portrayal of sexual acts in
>mainstream movies.
>Any other suggestions for background reading would be appreciated.
>Lawrence Proulx
>International Herald Tribune
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> To whom this may concern:
>I received this address from Professor Amy Sheldon.  I am in one of her
>classes, and working on my senior paper.  I am studying the language of
>pornography.  I am sending this e-mail in hopes that someone may have some
>information on any studies that have been done, concerning this topic, or
>of any films that would contain a good narrative in which I could examine
>the language and gender aspects of the work.  I have already read the
>following works relating to the language of pornography:
>Hall's "Lip Service on the Fantasy Lines"
>Sutton's "Bitches and Skankly Hobags"
>Livia's "I ought to throw a Buick at You"
>MacKinnon's "Only Words"
>If you have any suggestions for further readings or film choices, please
>let me know.  I would appreciate your help very much!
>Thank you for your time,
>DeAnn Grinsteinner

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