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CFP: “Feminist Theory as Feminist Praxis”
Deadline: March 25, 2006
Format: Email attachment in word (please scan for viruses 
Citations: parenthetical in text, endnotes, and 
Pages: 10-25 not including end notes and bibliography
Language: English

Special Issue: Feminist Theory as Feminist Praxis

As part of the launch of a new online journal housed at 
the University
of New Mexico WS Program, we are soliciting articles 
addressing the
themes of Feminist Theory as Feminist Praxis, Feminist 
Theory, and
Feminist Praxis. As feminist theory becomes more important 
to the
discipline and in changing both the theory and praxis of 
departments and social movements, feminists themselves 
have debated the
form and function of feminist theory. A key point of 
discussion and
concern is the connection, or lack of connection, between 
theory and feminist praxis. Our goal is to resonate with 
the existing
discourses on this topic in a way that opens space for new 
forms, a
re-examination or re-telling of old forms, and, 
ambitiously, an answer
to the Stanley & Wise (2000) question “Where is the 
revolution in
feminist theory?”

Are there real and clear divides between theory and 
praxis? If there
are slippages or spaces between the knowing and the doing 
what are they
and how do they help us to both know and do? What are the 
criteria for
defining praxis? What are the criteria for defining 
theory? Do these
definitions hinder or help unite praxis and theory in 
feminism? We are
hoping to open spaces for new and emerging scholars but 
will accept
submissions from all scholars (academic and non-academic) 
interested in
these issues. We will accept both “traditional” and 
essays as well as creative work.

Essays should deal specifically with feminism, be 
and show an understanding of intersectionality. Co- and 
submissions welcome.

Themes include but are not limited to the following:
Reading and Feminist Epistemology as Feminist Praxis
Engaging Feminist Activism
Praxis of Academic Feminism
Feminism as Individual and/or Communal shifts in Knowing 
and Doing
Feminist Collective Change
Re/Definitions of Feminist Praxis
Re/Definitions of Feminist Theory
Feminist Sciences as Feminist Praxis

Submission Guidelines:
Electronic submissions sent to ikerlee at
Page length 10-25 double spaced
End notes and Bib single spaced (not part of page limit 
Standard margin and font size (in conjunction with ADA 
standard size is no less than 12 pt)
Please do NOT send bios, CVs, or names at this time as we 
willdo a
blind review – identifying material will be requested 
shortly after
decisions are made.

Multiple Submission Guidelines:
Please do not submit any articles currently past first 
review in
journals that do not allow multiple publications of your 
Any material published in the special edition may also be 
elsewhere post-publication

Editorial Board:
Danielle Albright, MA Sociology
Catherine Berkenfield, ABD Linguistics
Ime Kerlee, PhD Women’s Studies
Lena Mcquade, ABD American Studies

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Ime Kerlee at
ikerlee at Your questions will be answered based on 
consensus of
the entire Editorial Board.

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