Gender & Language: call for book reviews

Georgina Turner G.Turner at LBORO.AC.UK
Tue Jan 22 15:12:28 UTC 2013

Gender & Language has the following books to be reviewed:

Takahashi, K. (2012) Language Learning, Gender and Desire: Japanese Women on the Move.
Clark, J. (2012) Language, Sex and Social Structure: Analysing Discourses of Sexuality.

If you would like to write about one of the volumes above – or want to suggest a review of other relevant books - please contact the Book Review Editor with details of your interest. We are also keen to commission review essays that engage with multiple (recent) pieces of research and scholarship, and welcome suggestions in this regard.

Use g.turner at<mailto:g.turner at> rather than replying to the whole list, please.

Many thanks,

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