Contrastive verb valency AILA session

Dirk Noel noel at RUCA.UA.AC.BE
Mon Dec 11 11:05:17 UTC 1995

The University of Ghent's Contrastive Grammar Research Group
(CONTRAGRAM) is organizing a special session on contrastive verb
valency research at the 11th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA
96), to be held in Jyvaskyla (Finland) from 4 to 9 August 1996.

Colleagues who are interested in contributing a paper to this special session
might like to contact the CONTRAGRAM group. We would especially like
to invite contributions that do not merely cover the theory and practice of
contrastive valency research per se but also address the relevance of this
kind of research to language teaching, (automated) dictionary compilation,
automatic translation, etc.

Please contact bart.defrancq at, or write to:

Bart Defrancq
French Department
Blandijnberg 2
B-9000 Gent

Fax: +32 9 264 4179

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