Hello ... ASL, Spanish, etc

Alysse Rasmussen AlysseR at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 26 23:45:25 UTC 1995

I got the impression I was to introduce myself.  My name is Alysse Rasmussen
and I've a BA in Linguistics from the UW-Madison.  I teach Spanish and ASL
(American Sign Language) at a small community college (non-credit side) and
am hoping to go back and get my MA/PhD soon.

I've a particular interest in teaching foreign languages and would appreciate
any suggestions for future study in that area ... and especially some
suggestions of how I might best combine TEACHING FL degree programs with
LINGUISTICS degree programs.

My other languages (that I try and keep up) Danish and Chinese.  After that
it's down-hill all the way.  Guess I've forgotten more than I remember of the

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