Thomas E Payne tpayne at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Tue Nov 28 03:49:32 UTC 1995

Dear Funknetters

  I am passing along the following request from Kweku Osam in Zimbabwe:

I need some help. One of my students is planning to a master thesis
on Kalanga. It's one of the languages spoken in Zimbabwe. It has
always been said that very little work has been done on it. What I
would like you to do is to post a message on Funknet and Linguist
asking if anybody knows of any work done or being done on it. You
should indicate that responses be sent to me directly:

osam at zimbix.uz.zw

Also, could someone please send Dr. Osam the e-mail addresses of Larry
Hyman and Scot Myers. Thanks for your help.

Tom Payne

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