Process-morpheme stems

David Stampe stampe at HAWAII.EDU
Mon Oct 30 22:08:59 UTC 1995

David_Tuggy at SIL.ORG asks
   Do any of you funknetters know of a case of a root or stem which
   consists of a process morpheme?  ... consisting of say a tone
   pattern or (more likely) tone shift, an umlaut or ablaut, a
   reduplication, palatalization, etc.

If a morphological process normally operates on a base to produce a
derivative or inflection, since a root or stem is such a base, what
could it operate on?

An example of a zero root can be found in the description of the verb
come/go in H. S. Biligiri's _Kharia_ (Poona: Deccan College, c. 1965),
which under certain conditions is realized as nothing but a sequence
of bound inflectional prefixes and suffixes with no root between them.
The conditions are not synchronically or diachronically phonological.
Rather a sort of ellipsis seems to be involved.  (Kharia is a South
Munda language spoken in Bihar and Orissa provinces of India.)

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