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Sydney M Lamb smlamb at OWLNET.RICE.EDU
Fri Jan 5 18:41:01 UTC 1996

The 23rd Annual Forum of the Linguistic Association of Canada and the
United States (LACUS) will be hosted by Brigham Young University, August
6th (Tuesday) through 10th (Saturday), 1996.  There will be four days of
refereed papers and lectures by eminent scholars including Brian
MacWhinney of Carnegie-Mellon University, a leading researcher in the
neuro-psychology of language.

A special feature of the conference will be a SYMPOSIUM ON LANGUAGE AND
THE BRAIN, to be introduced by Brian MacWhinney's lecture.  Papers are
invited on this topic and on all other topics of linguistic interest.

LACUS fosters a broad interdisciplinary approach to language, providing a
congenial and stimulating forum for functional views and for
contributions on the cognitive and neurological bases of language.
The annual meeting is held in August of each year at an American or
Canadian college or university.

Members of LACUS may submit an anonymous abstract on one 8.5 x 11 inch page
(single-spaced, 1.5" margin on all sides, camera ready), in 15 copies.
Include a 3x5" card with name, address, affiliation, telephone, fax,
e-mail, title of paper and audio-visual equipment needs.

Non-members may submit membership application accompanying the abstract,
consisting of the information indicated above plus annual dues of $35 US
or $45 Canadian; student dues $20 US, $25 Canadian (with faculty
signature on memo indicating student status).

Abstracts should be submitted by January 15th, 1996 to:

    Ruth Brend, LACUS Conference Chair
    3363 Burbank Dr.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105

    (phone 313-665-2787, fax 313-665-9743, e-mail ruth.brend at

Questions may also be addressed to me, Syd Lamb, LACUS Chair, at:

    Linguistics, Rice University, Houston, TX 77251-1892
    smlamb at
    phone: 713-661-3565
    fax: 713-661-3570

I particularly want your questions if you have an interest in participating

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