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Sun Jan 7 20:04:25 UTC 1996

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Call for Papers

Southeast Asian Linguistics Society

May 11-13, 1996
University of Oregon, Eugene  OR

The conference will feature papers from any of the languages of Southeast
Asia. Topics will include:

o descriptive, theoretical or historical linguistics
o language planning
o literacy
o bilingual education
o linguistic anthropology
o enthnolinquistics
o language attitudes and ideology discourse and conversational analysis
o language and gender
o language and politics

The Society encourages and welcomes suggestions for invited speakers.


By February 6, 1996 please submit five copies of an anonymous abstract with
a separate 3 x 5 card identifying:

author and affiliation;
address where notification of acceptance or rejection should be mailed in
daytime phone number; and
e-mail address, if available.

Abstracts should not exceed 1 page, but an additional page of data and
references may be submitted.

Inquiries should be directed to Kathie Carpenter at University of Oregon.
Phone (541) 346-3898 or kathiec at

Papers presented at SEALS VI will be published in the Society's
Proceedings. To ensure inclusion in the volume, authors are asked to submit
a camera-ready copy of their paper by August 15, 1996. Presentations will
be 20 minutes in length with 10 minutes for questions.

The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity, affirmative action
institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the
Americans with Disabilities Act. Accommodations for people with
disabilities will be provided if requested in advance to (503) 346-5084.

SEALS Conference Registration


Date of arrival:                                        Date of departure:

Enclosed is my check or money order payable to SEALS for the following:

Registration Fee (includes 5 coffee breaks and reception):

        Students                       Non-students
Before April 1, 1996    _____$35         _____$50
After April 1, 1996     _____$40        _____$55
Luncheon on May 11th    _____$15         _____$15

Total Enclosed   $_________

Send this registration form to SEALS, Department of Linguistics, University
of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1246.

Information about accommodations will be included in subsequent mailings.

Department of Linguistics
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1264

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