NP-internal argument

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Dear Ron there is of course a wealth of litt. on the subject of the
expression of possessive relations. One publ. which you may have missed
is Dik, S.C. (ed) 1983 Advances in Functional Grammar, Dordrecht: Foris
(now available through Mouton De Gruyter) in which there are several
papaers on possessive constructions, one by myself (`Genitive and dative
possessors in Latin', p. 55-91), one by C. Vet `Possessive constructions in
French', p. 123-140, and one by C. De Groot `On non-verbal predicates in
Functional Grammar: the case of possessives in Hungarian', p. 93-122. The
references to these papers will probably be useful too: among other to
work by H. J. Seiler. Good luck!

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