STUF 49.2-3 (1996)

Martin Haspelmath martinha at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Tue Oct 1 15:23:55 UTC 1996

Here are the tables of contents of the two latest issues of STUF
(Sprachtypologie & Universalienforschung/Language Typology and Universals)

STUF 49.2 (1996)

JOHANNES HELMBRECHT, The syntax of personal agreement in East Caucasian
ANNA SIEWIERSKA, Word order type and alignment type

BERNARD COMRIE, Kongruenz und die Grammatik des Maltesischen, by Ray Fabri
MARK DURIE, Das Verb im Chinesischen, Hmong, Vietnamesischen, Thai und
  Khmer, by Walter Bisang
EKKEHARD KOENIG, A grammar of Afrikaans, by Bruce Donaldson
RANDY LAPOLLA, Advances in Role and Reference Grammar, ed. by Robert Van
RAY FABRI, Issues in the structure of Arabic clauses and words, by
  Abdelkader Fassi Fehri
ERIC PEDERSON, The grammar of space, by Soteria Svorou
FRANCESCA FICI GIUSTI, Voice: Form and function, ed. by B. Fox & P. Hopper

STUF 49.3 (1996)

Special theme: "Intercomponential parallelisms in Natural Linguistics",
ed. by Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk

B. HURCH & G. NATHAN, Naturalness in phonology
R. SINGH, Comments on Hurch & Nathan
E: RONNEBERGER-SIBOLD, Parallel antitheses in phonology and morphology
R. SINGH, Comments on Ronneberger-Sibold
W.U. WURZEL, On similarities and differences between inflectional and
   derivational morphology
W.U DRESSLER, Comments on Wurzel
W.U. DRESSLER, Parallelisms between Natural Textlinguistics and other
   components of Natural Linguistics
T. PETRIC, Comments on Dressler

STUF is edited by Ronald Loetzsch, Martin Haspelmath, Wolfgang U. Wurzel,
Ulrike Claudi, Anita Steube, Franz Dotter

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