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Colin Harrison colinh at OWLNET.RICE.EDU
Fri Apr 4 20:00:24 UTC 1997

>I'm new to the list but it seems like everyone's pretty quiet.
>I've been wondering about the etymology of the word "BYE"
>-egs: Goodbye...bye-bye etc
>My dictionaries (may they live forever) can't tell me where the word
>originated other than that it is colloquial, which is really rather vague.
>Any ideas out there?
>I've wondered it the word isn't a borrowing from Hindi or a dialect of it.
>I'm still trying to find samples, but I'm sure that I've heard it
>somewhere before....
>South Africa

I don't know if this is attested, but I have heard that "bye" is a
contraction of "goodbye" (probably due to the persistent analysability of
the "good"; and that "goodbye" is itself a contraction of "God be with ye!"
At least it's a nice story!

Colin Harrison
Rice University

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