Hi and a question

Fri Apr 4 19:22:11 UTC 1997

Mark wrote:
> Hi
> I'm new to the list but it seems like everyone's pretty quiet.
> I've been wondering about the etymology of the word "BYE"
> -egs: Goodbye...bye-bye etc
> My dictionaries (may they live forever) can't tell me where the word
> originated other than that it is colloquial, which is really rather vague.
> Any ideas out there?
> I've wondered it the word isn't a borrowing from Hindi or a dialect of it.
> I'm still trying to find samples, but I'm sure that I've heard it
> somewhere before....

Bye is short for goodbye which seems to orginate from the phrase
"God be with you". The adj "good" was substituted for "God" by
analogy with good morning, good afternoon etc.

I am also new on this list and yours is the first message I have


David Gerard

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