Call for judgements

l.m.h. stassen l.stassen at LET.KUN.NL
Fri Apr 4 23:25:01 UTC 1997


mind if I ask you a question? I need native English speakers for this.
Suppose you heard the following story:

"I never could figure out the programming instructions for my VCR. Luckily,
I know Gerald, and
a) he showed me how to do it
b) he showed me how it's done "

Would you discern a difference in 'meaning' (whatever that is; please be
liberal) between a) and b)? Or, alternatively: could you imagine situations
in which you would say a) but not b), or the other way around?  And if so,
could you expand a little on what that difference might be? (Note: the verb
'show' is not essential; if you wish, replace it by 'wrote' or 'told', etc.)
   It's probably better if you mail me privately. I'll post a summary
if/when appropiate. Many thanks in adcvance,

Leon Stassen
Dept.of Linguistics (ATD), KU Nijmegen
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