Frameworks vs. the human mind

Diego Quesada dquesada at CHASS.UTORONTO.CA
Sat Apr 19 01:47:59 UTC 1997

On Fri, 18 Apr 1997, Dave wrote:

> It *is* possible to show that questions are derived from statements, in
> certain frameworks.

Because someone else, rather accurately, had written:

> > or as it is represented in people's minds?  In people's ordinary use of
> > language they do not form sentences by deriving them from other
> > sentences (eg.  questions from statements).  Outputs of the linguistic

There are "frame-works" that can show you that (Lat.) /audio/ is the
"underlying synchronic" form of Spanish [oygo] 'I hear'...

        A framework can tell you whatever you want to hear (to make it
        work... and the cycle goes on), but people's minds is something
        different from frame-works (that happen to be in some people's

J. Diego Quesada
University of Toronto

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