worlds... and deontics

Enrique Figueroa E. efiguero at CAPOMO.USON.MX
Sun Apr 20 06:14:54 UTC 1997

Perhaps in an ideal First World scenario it would seem to be (not
actually be, mind m' words!) OK to devote each Department, Faculty or
even University to a certain, unique (in the sense of "sole") SECT of
"E&HFLx" ["esoteric and highly formalised linguistics"]. In such a world,
each and every student would have regular everyday access to electronic
lists, the WWW, etc... and, THEREFORE (therefore??!!), this circumstance
would allow what one might call a "fast-track specialisation", given the
fact that individuals are (hypothetically) abe to "look into" various
discussion-lists, etc.
Why, students would in fact CHOOSE a certain Dpt., etc., because of their
PREVIOUS readings, "eyes-dropping" into lists, etc. So, no problem
whatsoever with their  RIGHTS...!
Now, seriously, is that the actual situation:
a) throughout the planet
b) in the foremost "First World" world?

Nay! We all know it ain't!

And even if it were (/was), would that free us, teachers, from the
obligation of giving them, students, a wide picture of the "whole


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