need for hooks

Daniel L. Everett dever at VERB.LINGUIST.PITT.EDU
Sun Apr 20 17:02:10 UTC 1997


Don't see anything to quarrel about in your last message. My only concern
was the idea that I picked up that by calling something a cognitive unit
you somehow thought that you had explained or avoided the syntax. I do
not disagree with any of your last posting, however.

Except one thing: I see no movement in the Minimalist Program towards
more incorporation of functionalist principles. It is true that what
Chomsky calls 'bare output conditions' could be thought of as
functionalist principles (and probably ought to be), the history of the
field makes me doubt whether there will be much in common to be found
there. (I have a fairly negative review of the Minimalist Program coming
out in Language in or around Dec.)

-- DLE

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