Stephanie Gould NilAngel at AOL.COM
Thu Mar 13 20:44:00 UTC 1997

Hello everyone!!  I am sorry to write all this, as I'm not exactly sure this
is the sort of subjects you really talk about on here, but I didn't know
where else to write, so please bear with me!:)
   I am in high school with a dream of becoming a linguist.  I have no idea
what sort of extra-curricular activities I should go into.  If any of you
have any ideas, they would certainly be welcomed and appreciated!!
   Also, any good books that would help me get a better understanding of
linguistics.  And last, buy not least!, what are some of the best liguist
colleges in the US?
    Thanks in advance!  Personal e-mail is fine!!
     Stephanie  (NilAngel at AOL.COM)

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