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Of course, take foreign languages, but there is a good future in computational
linguistics, so if you have any aptitude for programming you should try that

One of the most important things (if you can do it) is international travel.
to go somewhere where you have to interact in a different language.  Then
you will
really develop good insights about the nature of language.

At 10:44 AM 3/13/97 -1000, Stephanie Gould wrote:
>Hello everyone!!  I am sorry to write all this, as I'm not exactly sure this
>is the sort of subjects you really talk about on here, but I didn't know
>where else to write, so please bear with me!:)
>   I am in high school with a dream of becoming a linguist.  I have no idea
>what sort of extra-curricular activities I should go into.  If any of you
>have any ideas, they would certainly be welcomed and appreciated!!
>   Also, any good books that would help me get a better understanding of
>linguistics.  And last, buy not least!, what are some of the best liguist
>colleges in the US?
>    Thanks in advance!  Personal e-mail is fine!!
>     Stephanie  (NilAngel at AOL.COM)
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