Virus Warning (fwd)

Ellen F. Prince ellen at CENTRAL.CIS.UPENN.EDU
Thu May 1 03:26:22 UTC 1997

jon aske wrote:
>Users should keep in mind that any file with a
>.COM or
>    .EXE extension is a program, not a document and that double clicking or
>    opening that program will run it. Macintosh users have the additional
>    problem that Macintosh programs do not have readable extensions, and so
>    are more difficult to detect. Extra care should be taken to insure
>    that you do not unintentionally execute an attached program.

any mac user that suddenly finds a new file and is unsure of its status
can/should check 'get info' to see what kind of beast it is. (just in
case any mac user doesn't know how to do this, click on the filename/icon
ONCE (and only once) so that it's highlighted, then pull down the 'file'
menu and click 'get info'.)

btw, am i the only one amused by a trojan horse posing as a way to use
aol for free? and here i thought the sanitation depts of america had to
hire extra people just to cart off and dispose of all the freebie aol
diskettes and cds that people are throwing out... ;)

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