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At 01:46 PM 5/6/97 -1000, Bert Peeters wrote:
>At 11:21 AM 6/05/97 -1000, Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D. wrote:

>But that's exactly the point... What makes you think that "something like
>Schadenfreude" must exist in every culture of the world? There are those
>cultures which give it a prominent place and they've got a word for it;
>there are those where it plays a lesser role and they need a paraphrase.
>Why assume a priori that there aren't any where it plays no role at all
>or is even inconceivable - which then means that it becomes extremely
>difficult to refer to the concept by means of language at all?

Assuming Schadefreude does not exist in every culture is a little like
saying there are cultures that don't have envy or anger.  For me it's just
a little to basic to ignore.

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