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Erhard Voeltz erhard.voeltz at UNI-KOELN.DE
Tue Aug 4 08:33:23 UTC 1998

F. K. Erhard Voeltz
Institut für Afrikanistik
Universität zu Köln
50923 Köln


(second notice)

The Institut für Afrikanistik of the Universität zu Köln is convening an
INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on IDEOPHONES on January 25-27, 1999, here in Cologne.

While the central theme of the symposium is ideophones in African languages,
we are hoping to extend our investigation well beyond the geographical
confines of that continent and are encouraging any contribution on any
language or languages.

Individuals interested in presenting a paper are encouraged to send an
abstract to the above adress by the September 20th, 1998.

Tel     (49)221.470.4741
Fax     (49)221.470.5158

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