Compound Nominal Groups

Reuben Woolley r.woolley at ZAZ.SERVICOM.ES
Fri Aug 7 16:14:25 UTC 1998

Dear Funknetters,

Apologies if you receive this on another list.

I'm studying the syntactic and semantic construction and relationships
of compound nominal groups and ideational grammatical metaphor
(nominalisation). I'm looking for relevant studies and descriptions
within Systemic Functional Grammar. My study is based on medical English
but I would be interested in analyses of CNGs in any genre and for any
purpose (teaching, machine translation, etc.). I'll post a summary of
the references I receive.

I've already read:

Halliday and Martin, 1992. "Writing Science: Literary and Discursive
Power". London and Washington, D.C.: The Falmer Press.

Halliday, MAK. 1994. "An Introduction to Functional Grammar". London:

Dubois, BL. 1981. "The Construction of Noun Phrases in Biomedical
Journal Articles": in Hoedt, J. et al. "Pragmatics and LSP. Copenhagen.

Chomsky, N. 1970. "Remarks on Nominalisation". in Jacobs, R. and
Rosenbaum, P. (eds.) "Readings in Transformational Grammar". Waltham,
Mass.: Ginn and Company.

Ravelli, LJ. 1988. "Grammatical Metaphor: an Initial Analysis": in
Steiner, EH and Veltman, R (eds.) "Pragmatics, Discourse and Text: Some
Systematically-Inspired Approaches". New York and London: Pinter.

Salager-Meyer, F. "The lexis of Fundamental Medical English:
Classificatory Framework and Rhetorical Function". "Reading in  Foreign
Language, Vol.1/1.

Salager-Meyer, F. 1985. "Syntax and Semantics of Compound Nominal
Phrases in Medical English Literature: A Comparative Study with
Spanish". "English for Specific Purposes Newsletter". Universidad de Los
Andes, Venezuela.

Reuben Woolley
c/ Almagro, 5
50004 Zaragoza, Spain
e-mail: r.woolley at

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