1999 Athabaskan Language Conference

Jordan Lachler lachler at UNM.EDU
Mon Jan 11 01:26:10 UTC 1999


                         University of New Mexico

                            May 21-23, 1999

The Organizing Committee is looking for talks and presentations from native
speakers of Athabaskan languages, native non-speakers, storytellers, and

Suggested Topics and Themes

Language Maintenance and Language Teaching
    * Elementary, Secondary, and Post-secondary Programs
    * Immersion Programs: Summer Programs
    * Innovative Pedagogies

Linguistic Research
    * The Structure of the Athabaskan Lexicon
    * Historical and Comparative Athabaskan Morphosyntax
    * Interface of Phonetics and Phonology in Athabaskan

Suggestions for Panel Presentations Welcome!

Please submit the following:

    * one-page proposal for your presentation
    * a 50-word abstract for the Conference Program, including:
         * your name
         * your affiliation
         * your e-mail and/or snail mail address

Please submit your proposal and abstract via mail, fax, or e-mail by
Friday, April 16, 1999. Talks will be scheduled for 20-minute slots, with
10 minutes for discussion, but longer presentations may also be arranged.

  E-Mail : athconf at s-leodm.unm.edu
     FAX : 505-277-6355
    Mail : Athabaskan Language Conference
           Department of Linguistics
           University of New Mexico
           Albuquerque, NM 87131

Updated information can be found at the conference website:



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