Request for references---summary

Emily Bender bender at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Apr 20 21:28:54 UTC 2000

Dear Funknetters,

I recently posted the following query:

>In my dissertation, I have come to the question of what a linguist's
>grammar is a model of.  I am writing to this list in the hopes that
>you might be able to provide references to places in the functionalist
>literature where this question has been addressed.

Here is a list of references compiled from the responses
I've received so far:

Dik, Simon. 1997. The Theory of Functional Grammar. [Ch. 1]

Harder, Peter. 1996.  Functional Semantics.  [around p.164]

Harder, Peter. 2000. The status of linguistic facts: Rethinking the
relation between cognition, social institution and utterance from a
functional point of view.  University of Copenhagen ms.

Haukioja, Jussi.  Forthcoming.  "Grammaticality, Response-Dependence
and the Ontology of Linguistic Objects". Nordic Journal of Linguistics

Langacker, Ronald W. 1987. Foundations of Cognitive Grammar, Vol 1.
[Section 2.1, also chs 2-3 more generally]

Maatta, Urho. 1994. Functional explanation in morphology. PhD Thesis.
[In Finnish]

Maatta, Urho. 1998. Rules of language as emerging phenomena.  Paper
presented at the International Multidisciplinary Colloquium on Rules
Rule-Following: Philosophy, Linguistics and Psychology, Janus
Pannonius University, Pecs, Hungary.

Thanks to:

Peter Harder, Jussi Haukioja, Ron Langacker, J.L. Mackenzie, Urho
Maatta, and David Tuggy.

-- Emily Bender

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