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Johanna Rubba jrubba at CALPOLY.EDU
Fri Apr 28 19:36:42 UTC 2000

Thanks to a number of people (listed below -- forgive any omissions!)
who responded with suggestions for readings on schema theory. Here's a
list of full references of things recommended:

F. Ungerer & H.J. Schmid. 1996. An Introduction to Cognitive
Linguistics. London & New York: Longman.

Taylor, J. (1989).  Linguistic categorization: Prototypes in linguistic
theory.  Oxford Press.

Mike Tomasello, editor, "The New Psychology of Language," (1998, LEA),
which includes articles by Langacker, Givon, Goldberg, Croft, Wierzbicka ...

Fillmore, Charles J. 1982. Frame semantics. Linguistics in the morning calm,
ed. The Linguistic Society of Korea, 111-137. Seoul: Hanshin.*

Fillmore, Charles J. 1985. Frames and the semantics of understanding. Quaderni
di semantica  6:222-54.*

Jef Verschueren, Jan-Ola Östman, Jan Blommaert (eds.) (1995).
Handbook of pragmatics. Manual + Supplements. Amsterdam [etc.] : Benjamins.

Thanks to:
Michael Israel, Ken Hugoniot, Hans Peters, Elaine Francis, Gisela
Redeker, Pamela Faber, W. Smith from CSUSB, Suzanne Kemmer, Barb Kelly.

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