Reflexives and language acquisition

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Dear Wolfgang:

I hope this reference is of help for your course:

1998    Donna Jackson, Ricqrdo Mqldonqdo and  Donna Thal. "Reflexive and Middle
Markers in Early Child Language Acquisition: Evidence from Mexican Spanish".
Yasushiro Shirai (ed.). First Language. The acquisition of tense-apsect
morphology. 18.3,54: 403-429

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Ricardo Maldonado

At 14:19 28/04/2000 +0200, Wolfgang Schulze wrote:
>Dear Funknetters,
>I currently prepare a course on the typology of reflexives. Apart from
>standard issues I want to raise the question whether the description of
>how reflexives structures are acquired by children can contribute to a
>better understanding of the cognitive foundations of reflexivity. Doing
>so, I allude to recent proposals to introduce aspects of language
>acquisition as another (important) parameter to explain linguistic (and
>functional) variation. My question now is whether there is any relevant
>literature on the acquisition of reflexive structure (both with respect
>to single languages and cross-linguistically)  that I may have
>Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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