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Johannes Heinecke johannes at COMPLING.HU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Mar 20 08:18:23 UTC 2000

Professor (C4) for Modern English (= "Englische Sprache der Gegenwart")

The Institute for English and American Studies of the University of Potsdam
(Potsdam, Germany) has a vacancy in English linguistics to announce.
This position (one professor plus two assistants) is responsible for
instruction in the existing M.A. and pre-service teacher training programs
in the areas: English phonetics/phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics,
lexicology, and varieties of English. Applicants should have demonstrable
research exper-tise in at least two of the above-mentioned areas, with an
emphasis on the structures and functions of modern English. Also desirable
are demonstrated research capacity in one of the areas of specialisation of
the Institute. Please see the Institute's home-page for further information:

In addition to teaching and research duties, the successful candidate will
participate in academic administration, and is expected to co-operate with
other institutes and interdisciplinary centres of the University
Employment preconditions are laid out in paragraph 38 of the Branden-burg
Hochschulgesetz. These include a completed doctorate in a relevant area and
additional demonstrated research ability equivalent to the German
Habilitation (or "second dissertation"). While the exact definition of
"equivalent" qualification will be decided by the hiring committee, foreign
applicants should understand that minimally qualified German applicants
will have two book publications (the D.Phil. dissertation and the
Habilitation dissertation). Foreign applicatns will therefore be expected
to have publications in addition to the doctoral dissertation. The
University of Potsdam encourages good teaching. Applicants will be expected
to demonstrate teaching ability.
The University strongly encourages applications from female candidates and
individuals with physical disabilities. Fluency in German from foreign
applicants is expected. Persons interested in responding to this notice
should consult the official German-language advertisement which appeared in
 the Ausschreibungsdienst des Deutschen Hochschulverbandes (Tue, 14 March
        The deadline for applications is April 28, 2000. Applications should
sent to: Rektor der Universitaet Potsdam, Postfach 60 15 53, D-14 415
Potsdam, Germany. Applicants with additional questions should direct them
to the chair of the committee, Professor Dr. Hildegard L.C. Tristram,
tristram at rz.uni-potsdam.de

Johannes Heinecke                       heinecke at compling.hu-berlin.de

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