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Ted Sanders Ted.Sanders at LET.UU.NL
Fri Sep 15 13:19:10 UTC 2000

Job Announcement: 12 positions in Linguistics

Dear All,

The Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS has the following open positions:

3 graduate positions in different areas of linguistics (among which several
projects on 'Language in use')

1 postdoctoral researcher (Sentence and discourse processing)

3 graduate positions in psycholinguistics (Comparative Psycholinguistics)
2 postdoctoral researchers in psycholinguistics (Comparative

1 graduate position in psycholinguistics ("Temporal processing and the
production of phonological contrasts)

1 graduate student in phonology ("The Phonology of Dutch /r/")

1 graduate student in pragmatics ("The Spoken Questionnaire")

For further information, please visit our web-site:


   Ted Sanders
   Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS /
   Opleidingsinstituut Nederlands
   Universiteit Utrecht
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   The Netherlands

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