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10th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference Program
                        October 13 - 15, 2000

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***************  PROGRAM ***********************

* Names in upper case are the 13 invited speakers

FRIDAY, October 13: Morning Session

8:00-8:30       BREAKFAST (coffee & pastry)

8:45    Registration

9:45    Welcome and Announcements by Noriko Akatsuka, UCLA

10:00   Ken Hiraiwa, MIT
        "Nominative-genitive conversion revisited"

10:30   Yuki Matsuda, U of Washington/U of Memphis
        "Event sensitivity of head-internal relatives in Japanese"

11:00   Break

11:10   Kyoko Ohara, Keio University, Japan
        "From relativization to clause-linkage: a case of Japanese
internally headed

11:40   Kimiko Nakanishi, University of Pennsylvania
        "Prosody and Information Structure in Japanese: a Case Study of Topic
        Marker wa "

12:10   TIMOTHY VANCE, University of Arizona
        "Semantic Bifurcation in Japanese Compound Verbs"


FRIDAY, October 13: Afternoon Session

1:40    Jongsup Jun, Brandeis University
        "Semantic co-composition and coercion of the Korean Substantival Nouns-
        ha(ta)  construction: Evidence for the generative lexicon"

2:10    Thomas Gammerschlag, Heinrich-Heine-Universit├Ąt, Germany
        "Deriving argument structure in Japanese verb-verb compounds"

2:40    WESLEY JACOBSEN, Harvard University
        "On the interaction of temporal and modal meaning in Japanese

3:10    BREAK

3:20    Byung-jin Lim, Indiana University
        "Local and Global Patterns of Temporal Compensations in Korean"

3:50    Reijirou Shibasaki, University of California at Santa Barbara
        "On Sound symbolism in Japanese and Korean"

4:20    Sung-Ock Sohn & Mee-Jeong Park, UCLA
        "Discourse, grammaticalization, and intonation: An analysis of
-ketun in

4:50    BREAK

5:00    SUK JIN CHANG, Seoul National University, Korea
        "Information Unpackaging: A Constraint-based Unified Grammar

5:30    Kaoru Ohta, University of Washington
        "Kakari-musubi and focus structure"

6:00    Wolfram Schaffar, Tuebingen University and The National Language
        Research Institute, Japan
        "Kakari-musubi, no-da constructions and how grammaticalization theory
        meets formal syntax"

6:30    WILLIAM O'GRADY, University of Hawaii
        "The Processing of Relative Clauses in Korean, Japanese and English"


SATURDAY, October 14: Morning Session

8:00-8:30       BREAKFAST (coffee & pastry)

8:30    Registration

9:00    Yu Hirata, The Ohio State University
        "Genitive tu in Old Japanese and Grammaticalization of Genitive

9:30    Minju  Kim, UCLA
        "On the Emergence of Korean Concessive myense: Focusing on the
        Grammaticalization of se"

10:00   NAOMI MCGLOIN, University of Wisconsin at Madison
        "Markers of Epistemic vs. Affective Stances:  Desyoo vs. Zyanai"

10:30   BREAK

10:40   Soohee Kim & Emily Curtis, University of Washington
        "Phonetic duration of English /s/ and its borrowing in Korean"

11:10   Stuart Davis & Isao Ueda, Indiana University & Osaka University of
        Foreign Studies, Japan
        "Mora augmentation in Shizuoka Japanese"

11:40   Emily Curtis, University of Washington
        "Moreic structure and segment duration in Korean"

12:10   BREAK

12:15   S. -Y. KURODA, University of California at San Diego
        "Rendaku and some related issues in Japanese phonology"


SATURDAY, October 14: Afternoon Session

2:15    SUSUMU KUNO, Harvard University
        "Ga/O Alternation, Verb Raising and Scrambling"

2:45    BREAK


2:55    Shin sook Kim, Universitaet Konstanz, Germany
        "Intervention effects are focus effects"

3:25    Kisuk Lee & Satoshi Tomioka, University of Delaware
        "Intervention effects are topic effects: Wh- questions in Japanese and

3:55    BREAK

4:05    Sunggeun Cho & Xuan  Zhou, MIT & SUNY at Stony Brook
        "The interpretations of Wh- elements in conjoined Wh- question"

4:35    Aeryong Kim, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan
        "Two positions of Korean negation"

6:05    Jieun Jo & Chungmin  Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
        "A removal  type of negative predicates in Korean and Japanese"



2:55    Edson T. Miyamoto & Shoici Takahashi,
        University of Tokyo & Kanda University of International Studies, Japan
        "The processing of wh-phrases and interrogative complementizers in

3:25    Mitsuaki Shimojo, SUNY at Buffalo
        "A cognitive account of extraction asymmetry in Japanese

3:55    BREAK

4:05    Haruko Cook, University of Hawaii
        "The Social Meanings of the Japanese Plain Form"

4:35    Hiroko Furo, Illinois Wesleyan University
        "Aizuchi and Listener Responses in Japanese"

6:05    Emi Morita, UCLA
        "Authorship of Collaborative Completion of Sentences in Japanese"


6:35    BREAK

        Kobe University, Japan & Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral
        Sciences, USA
        "Japanese and Korean causatives revisited"

7:10    BREAK

7:30-9:30       BANQUET
                        HAIRINE DIFFLOTH, Cornell University


SUNDAY, October 15: Morning Session

8:00-8:30       BREAKFAST (coffee & pastry)

8:30    Registration

9:00    Kyu-hyun Kim & Kyung-Hee Suh,
        Kyung Hee University & Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea
        "Referential practice in Korean conversation: Prospective indexicals as
        resources for organizing interaction"

9:30    Sungchool Im, SUNY at Buffalo
        "Characteristic Lexicalization Patterns of Motion Events in Korean"

10:00   YOKO SUGIOKA, Keio University, Japan
         "Incorporation vs. modification in Japanese deverbal compounds"

10:30   BREAK

10:40   J.R. Hayashishita, University of Southern California
        "The scope interaction between a QP and negation"

11:10   Ai Kawazoe, Kyushu University, Japan
        "On the nature of distributive readings in Japanese"

11:40   KATSUHIKO MOMOI, Netscape, USA
        "Communications Software Internationalization and National Character
        Sets: supporting Japanese and Korean on the Internet"

12:10   LUNCH

SUNDAY, October 15: Afternoon Session

1:10    Sang-cheol Ahn, Kyung Hee University, Korea
        "A dispersion account on Middle Korean vowel shifts"

1:40    Kaoru  Horie & Kaori Taira, Tohoku University, Japan
        "Where Korean and Japanese Differ: Modality vs. Discourse Modality"

2:10    BREAK

2:20    CHUNGMIN LEE, Seoul National University, Korea
        "Negative Polarity in Korean and Japanese"

2:50    Sae-yeon Cho & Han-gyu Lee, Honam University & Kyung Hee
        University, Korea
        "Syntactic and pragmatic properties of the NPI yegan in Korean"

3:20    Ae-ryung Kim & Yoshihisa Kitagawa,
        Kanda University of International Studies & Indiana U/ Yokohama
        National U, Japan
        "Opacity in Japanese and Korean"

3:50    BREAK

4:00    Susan Strauss, Hanae Katayama & Jong-oh Eun, Pennsylvania State
        "Grammar, Cognition, and Procedure as Reflected in Route Directions in
        Japanese, Korean, and American English"

4:30    Maeri Megumi, University of Southern California
        "The switching between desu/masu form and plain form: from the
        perspective of turn construction"

5:00    SEIICHI MAKINO, Princeton University
        "When does communication turn mentally inward? -- a case study of
        Japanese formal-to-informal switching"

5:30    Closing remarks

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