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7th International Columbia School Conference
on the Interaction of
Linguistic Form and Meaning with Human Behavior

February 16-18, 2002
Columbia University
New York, New York

Invited Speakers:

Joan Bybee
University of New Mexico

Melissa Bowerman
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

Alan Huffman
City University of New York

Papers are invited on any aspect of linguistic analysis in which the 
postulation of meaningful signals plays a central role in explaining the 
distribution of linguistic forms.

The Columbia School is a group of linguists developing the theoretical 
framework originally established by the late William Diver.  Language is seen 
as a symbolic tool whose structure is shaped both by its communicative 
function and by the characteristics of its human users.  Grammatical analyses 
account for the distribution of linguistic forms as an interaction between 
linguistic meaning and pragmatic and functional factors such as inference, 
ease of processing, and iconicity.  Phonological analyses explain the 
syntagmatic and paradigmatic distribution of phonological units within 
signals, also drawing on both communicative function and human physiological 
and psychological characteristics.

Please submit:

•  3 copies of a one-page anonymous abstract (optional second page for 
references, examples, tables, etc.) to the address below.
•    A 3x5 inch index card with the following information:
    -    Title of paper
    -    Author's name and affiliation
    -    Address, phone, e-mail, for notification

E-mailed abstracts should include all the above information, which will be 
deleted before the abstracts are reviewed.

Address for hard-copy abstracts and other correspondence:
Professor Radmila Gorup
Department of Slavic Languages
Columbia University
New York, NY  10027

Address for e-mailed abstracts:
Professor Joseph Davis, City College of New York:  jsphdvs at


The language of the conference is English.  Papers delivered in languages 
other than English will be considered.

* * * * * * * *

Sponsored by the Department of Slavic Languages
Columbia University

The support of
The Columbia School Linguistic Society
is gratefully acknowledged

* * * * * * * *

Selected Columbia School bibliography:

Contini-Morava, Ellen, and Barbara Sussman Goldberg.  1995.  Meaning as 
Explanation:  Advances in Linguistic Sign Theory.  Berlin:  Mouton de 
Gruyter.  (Selections.)

Contini-Morava, Ellen, and Yishai Tobin.  2000.  Between Grammar and Lexicon. 
 Amsterdam:  John Benjamins.  (Selections.)

Huffman, Alan.  1997.  The Categories of Grammar:  French lui and le.  
Amsterdam:  John Benjamins.

Reid, Wallis.  1991.  Verb and Noun Number in English:  A Functional 
Explanation.  London:  Longman.

Tobin, Yishai.  1997.  Phonology as Human Behavior:  Theoretical Implications 
and Clinical Applications.  Durham:  Duke U Press.

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