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CHEW_Jian_Chieh at SPF.GOV.SG CHEW_Jian_Chieh at SPF.GOV.SG
Mon Mar 26 07:27:45 UTC 2001

                   Status Distribution March 26, 2001 13:15:19

The message regarding "unsubscribe ashok at TUVOX.COM" sent on March 26, 2001
13:15:19 was sent by

Status Recipient
          Type                To
          Native Name         FUNKNET at listserv.rice.edu
          Foreign Native Name FUNKNET at listserv.rice.edu\n\n\nSMTP


Status Reporters
          Type                From
          Name Domain         NOTES
          Native Name         CN=Jian Chieh CHEW/OU=SPF/O=SINGOV at SINGOV
          Foreign Native Name CN=Jian Chieh CHEW/OU=SPF/O=SINGOV\nSINGOV\n\n
          Organization        SINGOV
          Org Unit 1          SPF
          Last Name           CHEW
          First Name          Jian

Status          769
Explanation     Invalid recipient

X.400 Status    769
Explanation     User Jian Chieh CHEW/SPF/SINGOV (Jian Chieh
CHEW/SPF/SINGOV at medusa.internet.gov.sg) not listed in public Name & Address Book

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