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November 2, 3 and 4, 2001

Keynote Speaker:  Susan Carey, New York University
Plenary Speaker:  Daniel A. Dinnsen, Indiana University
All topics in the fields of first and second language acquisition from all
theoretical perspectives will be fully considered, including:

Cognition & Language  
Creoles & Pidgins 
Exceptional Languages
Input &Interaction 
Language Disorders
Linguistic Theory (Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Morphology, Lexicon)
Literacy & Narrative
Pre-linguistic Development
Signed Languages
Speech Perception & Production

Abstracts submitted must represent original, unpublished research.
Presentations will be 20 minutes long, plus 10 minutes for questions.


1) Ten copies of an anonymous, clearly titled 450-word summary
    for review;

2) One copy of a 150-word abstract for use in the conference
    program book if your abstract is accepted. If your paper is
    accepted, this abstract will be scanned into the conference
    handbook.  No changes in title or authors will be possible
    after acceptance.

3) For EACH author, one copy of the information form printed
    at the bottom of this sheet.

Please include e-mail address or a self-addressed, stamped postcard for
acknowledgment of receipt. Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent
in early August, by US mail.  Pre-registration materials and preliminary
schedule will be available in late August, 2001.

All authors who present papers at the conference will be invited to
contribute their papers to the Proceedings volumes. Those papers will
be due in January, 2002.

Note:  All conference papers will be selected on the basis of abstracts
submitted. Although each abstract will be evaluated individually, we
will attempt to honor requests to schedule accepted papers together
in group sessions.

DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by May 15, 2001.

Send submissions to:

Boston University
Conference on Language Development
704 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 101
Boston, MA 02215

Telephone: (617) 353-3085
e-mail: langconf at

(We regret that we cannot accept abstract submissions by fax or e-mail.)

Information regarding the conference may be accessed at

Author Information

(Please include a typed sheet containing the following information for
EACH author)


Full name:


Current work address (for publication in handbook)

Current e-mail (required):

Current phone number (required):

Summer address if different, and dates:

Summer e-mail (required):

Summer phone (required):

  To accommodate as many papers as possible, we reserve the right to limit
each submitter to one first authorship and if circumstances warrant, to
limit each submitter to two papers in any authorship status.

  Please indicate whether, if your paper is not one of the 90 initially
selected for presentation, you would be willing to be considered as an
alternate. (If you indicate that you are willing to be considered, this
does not commit you to accepting alternate status if it should be offered
to you.)

_____ Yes, consider me as an alternate if necessary
_____ No, please do not consider me as an alternate

Please indicate how you wish to receive the 2002 Call for Papers:

____e-mail/electronic ___surface mail ____ both

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