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The "Natural Semantic Metalanguage Approach", associated with the work
of Anna Wierzbicka, Cliff Goddard and associates, now has its own e-mail
list! It's called "nsm-l" and it's based at the University of Tasmania,

Never heard of NSM? In a nutshell,

"[t]he approach is based on evidence that there is a small core of
basic, universal meanings, known as semantic primes, which can be found
as words or other linguistic expressions in all languages. This common
core of meaning can be used as a tool for linguistic and cultural
analysis: to explicate complex and culture-specific words and
grammatical constructions, and to articulate culture-specific values and
attitudes (cultural scripts), in terms which are maximally clear and
translatable. The theory also provides a semantic foundation for
universal grammar and for linguistic typology. It has applications in
intercultural communication, lexicography (dictionary making), language
teaching, the study of child language acquisition, legal semantics, and
other areas".


To subscribe to nsm-l, send a message to

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The subject line should remain empty. The body of the message must
contain the following information:

subscribe nsm-l

Once your request has been approved by the list-owner, you will receive
a welcome message and you will be able to read all postings and
contribute as you see fit.

Please do join us if you're interested.

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