perception verbs and paths

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Dan I. SLOBIN writes:
 > I would appreciate information about uses of perception verbs with path
 > expressions, such as "look across the river" and "peek into the hole"--or
 > equivalents in various languages.
        we've processed the British National Corpus in a way that makes
it easy to see how words behave - called 'word sketches'.  The word
sketches will be a good place to go to answer your questions, for
English.  I've put "peer" and "look" on the web for you, along with
some others (I didn't have "peek" to hand), see

For write-ups, see

  author    =    {Adam Kilgarriff and David Tugwell},
  title     =    {WORD SKETCH: Extraction and Display of Significant
                 Collocations for Lexicography},
  booktitle =    {Proc. Collocations workshop, ACL 2001},
  address   =    {Toulouse, France},
  month     =    {July},
  pages     =    "32--38",
  year      =    2001

or others available from my web page (below) or

We have a web demo (which compiles word sketches at run time)
available on the web for all words beginning with k.  We are currently
installing a licence server, and when that is in place - should be
within a month - the full resource will be available, on a free
licence, to all for research purposes.


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