Grammaticalization of ?say? as a complementizer

Matthew S. Dryer dryer at BUFFALO.EDU
Mon Feb 17 20:21:28 UTC 2003

Dear Funknet,

I am looking for references bearing on the grammaticalization of verbs
meaning 'say' as a complementizer.  If you know of references other than
the following, please let me know.

The only references I am aware of are

Cohen, D., Simeone-Senelle, M.-C., and Vanhove, M.  2002. The
grammaticalization of 'say' and 'do': An areal phenomenon in East Africa.
In Guldemann, T. & M. von Ronacdor, eds. Reported speech: a meeting ground
for different linguistic domains. [Typological Studies in Language].
Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Heine, Bernard, and Tania Kuteva. 2002.  World lexicon of
grammaticalization. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Hopper, Paul J. and Elizabeth Closs Traugott. 1993. Grammaticalization.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lord, Carol. 1976.  Evidence for syntactic reanalysis:  From verb to
complementizer in Kwa.  In Papers from the parasession on diachronic
syntax. Sanford B. Steever, Carol A. Walker, and Salikkoko S. Mufweene,
eds.  Chicago:  Chicago Linguistic Society.

Saxena, A. 1988. On the grammaticalization of the verb 'say':  A
typological and diachronic study.  In S. Delancey and R. Tomlin, eds.
Papers from the Third Pacific Linguistics Conference. Eugene:  University
of Oregon.

Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, and Richard Dasher. 2002. Regularity in semantic
change.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Thanks for any further references

Matthew Dryer
dryer at

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