"whenever" for "when"

Steve Long Salinas17 at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 27 19:29:17 UTC 2003

In a message dated 1/27/03 2:13:01 PM, mattjuge at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU writes:
<< "He told me about the party whenever he called". >>

I'm not familiar with this usage except as (1) indicating uncertainty:
"He told me about the party/whenever [it was that] he called".

or (2) equivalent to "on every occasion":
"Whenever he called, he [always] told me about the party."

"When he called, he told me about the party" is both unqualified by
uncertainty of time and it is singular.

Unless there is a usage I don't know about, "when" does not seem to equal
"whenever" in the example given.


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