"whenever" for "when"

Herb Luthin luthin at CLARION.EDU
Tue Jan 28 19:43:30 UTC 2003

Yes, the usage is endemic in the Pittsburgh area, to the point that it
sometimes appears in ChamberofCommerce-sponsored lists of "Pittsburghese".
For the last year-and-a-half I've been administering a Dialect Survey of
Western Pennsylvania on the web (http://ltc.clarion.edu/surveys/dialect/),
and I plan on putting this pattern on the next version of the survey (mostly
focused on lexical variation, it's a research tool for my American Dialects
class).  So I may be able to provide more detail on Pennsylvania pattern a
year from now.  But I'd be interested in hearing about any further
information you might receive in the meantime.

-- Herb Luthin
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    Clarion University
    Clarion, PA 16214
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| I am a user of 'whenever' and I am not anywhere near age 25.  In fact, I
| more than twice that old.  SMILE!
| I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, if that is any help.  It's part
| my dialect, I assume, and I'm not aware of how I use it or in which
| it is appropriate for me to use them.
| However, one of my former roommates will be sending an email regarding
| topic.  She remarked on my odd use of 'whenever' (which I thought was
| completely normal, of course), and will probably remember some examples.
| Karen Naughton

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